Testimonial 2

As the owner and manager of Highline Creek Pain Relief, I don’t have a whole lot of time for my phone to get messed up. Nate stopped what he was doing to greet me and show me everything I needed to know to get my phone back online. Thanks for the help!

Testimonial 3

I love this place. This is my GO-TO whenever I have a screen issue. They are fast and friendly (: I recommend this place to my friends whenever they need to get their phone fixed. Will go here EVERY TIME !

Testimonial 1

Absolutely amazing! Was done quick and easy and it’s such a great price as well. The person that helped me out was Nate and he was absolutely great. Totally fun to talk to while I was waiting for my phone to get done. Very kind very patient and very professional 10 out of 10 would recommend. He also has a very sweet lovable cute dog that I absolutely adored haha definitely a great place to go to if your phone is cracked. ^~^