Are Tablets Worth Fixing?

A: Absolutely! I think the biggest question is what model, what generation, and what do you use it for? If it’s used for work and it’s a higher-end iPad—absolutely! Those things are very expensive and it’s quite convenient to get them fixed versus buying a new tablet, downloading your documents, and transferring that information over. So, in that case, absolutely I’d recommend it.

In an instance where I wouldn’t recommend it—maybe for a kids tablet, like an Amazon Fire tablet. You know, one of the more economical tablets geared towards kids. Those you can usually replace for about the same price as a repair. So, for those, I usually would recommend you buy a new one.

But, if you do have a nice Samsung you’re using for work or something like that, it’s definitely worth bringing in. We get most of them fixed within 24 hours—so, absolutely.

Mobile devices have become a staple of our daily lives. Whether it’s cell phones, smartwatches, laptops, or tablets. Tablets have come a long way since the first “true” tablet debuted from Fujitsu back in 1994, running on an intel processor and loaded with Windows 95.

In true Microsoft fashion, Microsoft tried to create their own and cut out the middleman in 2002. Unfortunately, it was a massive failure and overall, tablets in their current state just weren’t ready for prime time, and wouldn’t be for almost a decade.

Then, in 2010, Apple introduced the iPad which offered a truly portable experience that consumers had begged for. Fast-forward to the present day, and around 80% of internet traffic from tablets comes from iPads. However, as great as the devices are, they don’t come without breakdowns. Eventually, you have to weigh the option of tablet repair in Denver, vs tablet replacement.

Why Are Tablets So Popular?

To understand why making that decision is so tough, you have to look at the usage of tablets in our society. Although iPads do lead the tablet market in terms of market share, it is only because they’ve had such a huge head start. However, as of this post, Samsung, Google, Microsoft (yes, they figured it out finally), and Amazon are major players.

But why are these tablets so popular? The answer is pretty much an evolution of technology meeting the age-old need for convenience. Tablets evolved just like cell phones have, you didn’t just suddenly have iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs overnight, it was a long evolutionary process.

You could go back to 1972 if you wanted to trace the evolution of a tablet, even before smartphones. However, the real predecessors to the tablets we see today were the “PDAs”. You know, the Blackberry, The Palm Pilot, and fittingly, the first on the market, The Newton Message Pad by none other than Apple.

As technology was able to be scaled down in size and up in computing power and battery life, tablets became more like mini-laptops. Today’s models, for example, can rival in terms of productivity, their larger laptop counterparts.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is one such tablet that combines the power of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet. The iPad Pro from Apple, as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus from Samsung, also deliver on this level of computing.

However, like your phone, tablets have glass screens that can break, ultrathin chassis that can get bent, and other sensitive components. Add in the fact that they’re constantly tossed around in a backpack or briefcase and you will likely have the occasional accident.

Tablet Replacement Vs. Tablet Repair In Denver

Denver is a bustling city and you will have no trouble finding at least a dozen tablets on a short walk around downtown. Tablets are used in retail, industrial applications, education, and many other industries.

The more you use and transport your tablet, the more likely you are to either physically damage it, or corrupt the software. Either issue will leave you without possibly your most important mobile device second to your phone.

However, with most laptop replacement quality tablets comes a premium quality price. The Galaxy Tab 8 Plus comes in at almost a thousand dollars, with its counterpart, the iPad pro a tad more expensive. If either of these devices breaks, it is often more economical to seek out tablet repair in Denver versus replacing the device.

However, that’s not always the case. What if you have an older 5th gen iPad or something like a Galaxy Tab S5? You’re talking about devices that are five years old—in the tech world, that’s considered obsolete.

Is it worth it then to find someone who does tablet repair in Denver? Should you consider just replacing the device with the latest model? Well, that all depends on what you need the tablet to do, how bad it’s damaged, and your budget constraints.

Is It Really Broken?

Not all tablets last forever, technically they may “function” for a long time but that doesn’t mean they’re practical forever. Take, for example, a TV from 1985. Will it function? Maybe, but programming standards have changed and the picture is going to be hot garbage.

Let’s put it this way, would you pay even a hundred bucks to fix that old TV? Probably not. The same goes for tablets. After years of use, tablets become less efficient and have more trouble performing. New app updates can slow your old tablet down because the app demands push its computing limits.

Those apps are designed for newer models that have far more power, so the demands are a breeze for those models. That being said, your tablet might not actually be broken, physically—but it might as well be given its limitations.

 A Cracked Screen Might Not Mean You Need A New Tablet

So, you dropped your tablet and the screen cracked. Your gut reaction might be to go and just buy a new tablet. But wait—that might be completely unnecessary! You can get a screen replaced at any reputable shop that does tablet repair in Denver.

The question is whether it’s worth it or not.

Typically, if the tablet is a premium tablet that is less than three years old and costs over $600—repairing the screen is better. It’s going to cost you less than getting a replacement, and your current tablet has a lot of life left in it. You just need a new screen.

Frame Is Bent

Now, if your tablet really took a nasty fall and the body got bent or cracked—that’s serious. In most cases no matter how old or new the tablet is—it’s going to require replacement. If your tablet is older than three years, this might be the excuse you needed to upgrade.

The good news is, even though we do tablet repair in Denver, we also sell factory-quality refurbished tablets. A lot of times people will come in with a really old tablet that’s been bent beyond repair. We can usually get them into something newer that’s refurbished for less than a brand new device.

Is Tablet Repair In Denver The Right Choice For Me?

Honestly, that’s a call only you can make. However, follow the advice Nate gave. Think about what you use the tablet for. How badly it’s damaged, how much replacing it costs vs. repair, and if YOU feel it’s worth replacing.

In the end, we can help you with both tablet replacement and tablet repair in Denver and we’ll give you a free estimate for repairs.

Just bring your broken tablet to one of our two convenient locations or contact us to learn more about your options. Remember, NO FIX, NO FEE!




My Tablet Won’t Charge. How Do I Know If It’s The Battery Or The Charging Port?

A: If it’s a battery or charging port, the way we go ahead and diagnose that is we have a machine that reads the amperage. So, if we plug in the device and it’s pulling amperage, that tells me the charging port is pulling power. The battery is not holding power—that’s the difference.

If it’s the other way around; if I plug it in and there’s absolutely no amperage, it’s completely dead. That tells me the charging port is not receiving power. Thus, it’s not giving the battery any juice to store.

So, that’s kind of the best way I can tell. It’s a bit harder for you at home who don’t have an amp reader or anything like that.

So, once again, no fix no fee—free diagnostics at Fixit Wireless. Just come on in and I can tell you all that information within an hour!

At Fixit Wireless, we’re experts in phone and tablet repair in Denver, not just to feed our families but also because it’s a passion of ours. We love working with technology and we take pride in helping our customers get the most out of their devices.

All too often the mobile carriers and device manufacturers are quick to push the latest device on you. If your screen cracks, “buy this new one.” If your battery seems slow, “oh just drop a grand on the latest model.”

A lot of the time, they’re pushing these expensive upgrades on you when you haven’t even finished paying off your old device. They claim buying a new device is the best solution and value—but is it really?

Opting For Tablet Repair In Denver

The truth is that oftentimes, problems with your device charging can be fixed for a fraction of what a new device will cost you. Honestly, if your device is less than 3 generations old, you’ll save yourself a lot of money going with a repair.

Whether the battery is shot, or the charging port has been damaged, both of these repairs still cost far less than buying the latest model. Repairing the culprit of the problem will give your phone new life but first, you want to troubleshoot on your own. You may find that the solution is quite simple and something you can do.

Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable with these DIY solutions, we are ready and willing to get you up and running again. Usually, we can get your tablet back to 100% within an hour.

So, if your tablet won’t charge and you’re stuck being tethered to the charger. If it charges but takes forever to get a full battery—we can help.

Let’s start with some possible causes and how to detect them without having an amperage reader. Again, some of these possible solutions are safe for you to perform and it may be that you indeed do need to upgrade. However, that usually only makes sense if your device is over 3 generations old.

So, let’s eliminate the problems we can easily rule out so you don’t waste your time bringing a device in for a simple issue.

Is Your Charging Cable And Adapter In Good Shape?

We see this situation so often it’s become commonplace. Someone brings in a tablet that won’t charge or charges really slow.

We take the device, plug them into one of our many chargers with our charging cable, and boom! The tablet charges just fine. The customer can’t believe it, but most of the time, it’s just a faulty charger or cable.

It’s common to lose or damage our charging cable and/or adapter for our tablet at some point. Think about it, they are some of the most tortured electronics accessories you own.

You may not throw your tablet around, but often, chargers and charging cables are tossed about. You know you have that one drawer at home full of tangled cables, charging adapters, and other random accessories. We all do it, you’re not alone and it’s easy to lose a cable or charging adapter that way.

What we sometimes do next, is where it can get messy. We go online or stop at a convenience store and buy a cheap replacement. The problem is you often get what you pay for.

Some chargers don’t output what they claim they do, or chargers that damage the battery. Additionally, the cables used in some of these cheap solutions are substandard and can short out easily.

So, ironically, you could be fixing a missing charging adapter problem on the cheap, but creating a bigger, more expensive problem down the road. That could include battery damage, circuit board damage, or other component issues. At that point, you have no other choice but to find a place that does tablet repair in Denver.

There’s Another Possible Culprit

Sometimes, your tablet can be the issue at hand, and often, it’s self-inflicted and involves the charging port.

Yes, that little port we all take for granted and just routinely shove our charging cables into when we need some juice. However, those ports are vulnerable to dirt and grime or the Starbucks that spilled near your phone.

If that charging port gets gunked up, the contacts in the cable can’t make a clean connection with the charging cable. If you look closely in the port and find debris, the best way to clean it out is to use a can of compressed air and give it a few bursts.

However, if it’s really full of debris, you might want to use a gentle brush. Pipe cleaners work very well and there’s even special port cleaning brushes you can buy. Be gentle with the brush as you don’t want to create a bigger problem.

Speaking of bigger problems, one way to guarantee an appointment for tablet repair in Denver is to damage the charging port. Inside the charging port are several delicate contact pins that correspond with pins inside the charging cable. When the two connect, it sends the current needed to charge the phone.

The problem is those contacts can get bent if you’re not careful. Keeping a tablet in a drawer full of things like pencils, bobby pins, and paper clips can easily ruin the port. Something can get jammed in there and bend the pins.

Also, spills that you think you avoided damage with, could’ve actually corroded the pins too. Either way, getting a repair is your only option at that point.

The Battery May Be Failing

If you’ve had your tablet for a few years and haven’t been the most careful with it, your battery might have taken a hit.

While batteries are a wear and tear item— their charging capacity dwindles over time, you can also accelerate their demise. Batteries can degrade faster if you:

  • Constantly charge the battery— When you charge the battery it heats up, and that heat degrades the battery over time. So, you should run your battery till it gets to about 30% before you charge it, for optimal lifespan. Charging it every time it drops to like 80% or leaving it on the charger all the time will lead you to a premature battery failure.
  • Expose your tablet to extreme temperatures— If your tablet is left in the car when it’s 95° outside and its chassis is scorching hot—so is the battery. The temperature in cars on a hot day can exceed 135°, and your device is not meant for those conditions. Likewise leaving it in the car during Denver winters can cause damage as well.
  • Try DIY fixes when you drop or spill water on the device— Let us just say this now—rice DOES NOT fix liquid exposure. It may dry the liquid, but it leaves minerals behind that can cause corrosion on battery contacts inside. So, while you think you saved your tablet, you’re just prolonging its inevitable failure. You should always opt for tablet repair in Denver when your device encounters a spill. We have the tools and experience to properly dry your device’s internals and demineralize them as well.

If your battery is dying there’s not anything you can do outside of having one of our technicians repair it. Most tablets have non-removable batteries. The old battery has to be removed along with the contact, and a new one installed and soldered in.

One Last Fix Before Choosing Tablet Repair In Denver

There is one last solution you can try before realizing getting the tablet repaired is the only solution. You can back up your tablet and do a factory reset. Sometimes, apps we download, or attachments we download can constantly run in the background.

That means you don’t see them running but they are, and they’re draining the battery. A factory reset removes everything and starts factory new. This is a good thing to do about once a year anyway just to keep the tablet running smoothly.

No Fix, No Fee With Fixit Wireless!

If you’ve exhausted all self-diagnosis options and can’t figure out what’s going on with your tablet, bring it to us. We’ll run diagnostics on it and get you a repair quote quickly and get you up and running again.

Contact us today to bring your device in so we can bring it back to life!