Are Tablets Worth Fixing?

A: Absolutely! I think the biggest question is what model, what generation, and what do you use it for? If it’s used for work and it’s a higher-end iPad—absolutely! Those things are very expensive and it’s quite convenient to get them fixed versus buying a new tablet, downloading your documents, and transferring that information over. So, in that case, absolutely I’d recommend it.

In an instance where I wouldn’t recommend it—maybe for a kids tablet, like an Amazon Fire tablet. You know, one of the more economical tablets geared towards kids. Those you can usually replace for about the same price as a repair. So, for those, I usually would recommend you buy a new one.

But, if you do have a nice Samsung you’re using for work or something like that, it’s definitely worth bringing in. We get most of them fixed within 24 hours—so, absolutely.

Mobile devices have become a staple of our daily lives. Whether it’s cell phones, smartwatches, laptops, or tablets. Tablets have come a long way since the first “true” tablet debuted from Fujitsu back in 1994, running on an intel processor and loaded with Windows 95.

In true Microsoft fashion, Microsoft tried to create their own and cut out the middleman in 2002. Unfortunately, it was a massive failure and overall, tablets in their current state just weren’t ready for prime time, and wouldn’t be for almost a decade.

Then, in 2010, Apple introduced the iPad which offered a truly portable experience that consumers had begged for. Fast-forward to the present day, and around 80% of internet traffic from tablets comes from iPads. However, as great as the devices are, they don’t come without breakdowns. Eventually, you have to weigh the option of tablet repair in Denver, vs tablet replacement.

Why Are Tablets So Popular?

To understand why making that decision is so tough, you have to look at the usage of tablets in our society. Although iPads do lead the tablet market in terms of market share, it is only because they’ve had such a huge head start. However, as of this post, Samsung, Google, Microsoft (yes, they figured it out finally), and Amazon are major players.

But why are these tablets so popular? The answer is pretty much an evolution of technology meeting the age-old need for convenience. Tablets evolved just like cell phones have, you didn’t just suddenly have iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs overnight, it was a long evolutionary process.

You could go back to 1972 if you wanted to trace the evolution of a tablet, even before smartphones. However, the real predecessors to the tablets we see today were the “PDAs”. You know, the Blackberry, The Palm Pilot, and fittingly, the first on the market, The Newton Message Pad by none other than Apple.

As technology was able to be scaled down in size and up in computing power and battery life, tablets became more like mini-laptops. Today’s models, for example, can rival in terms of productivity, their larger laptop counterparts.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is one such tablet that combines the power of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet. The iPad Pro from Apple, as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus from Samsung, also deliver on this level of computing.

However, like your phone, tablets have glass screens that can break, ultrathin chassis that can get bent, and other sensitive components. Add in the fact that they’re constantly tossed around in a backpack or briefcase and you will likely have the occasional accident.

Tablet Replacement Vs. Tablet Repair In Denver

Denver is a bustling city and you will have no trouble finding at least a dozen tablets on a short walk around downtown. Tablets are used in retail, industrial applications, education, and many other industries.

The more you use and transport your tablet, the more likely you are to either physically damage it, or corrupt the software. Either issue will leave you without possibly your most important mobile device second to your phone.

However, with most laptop replacement quality tablets comes a premium quality price. The Galaxy Tab 8 Plus comes in at almost a thousand dollars, with its counterpart, the iPad pro a tad more expensive. If either of these devices breaks, it is often more economical to seek out tablet repair in Denver versus replacing the device.

However, that’s not always the case. What if you have an older 5th gen iPad or something like a Galaxy Tab S5? You’re talking about devices that are five years old—in the tech world, that’s considered obsolete.

Is it worth it then to find someone who does tablet repair in Denver? Should you consider just replacing the device with the latest model? Well, that all depends on what you need the tablet to do, how bad it’s damaged, and your budget constraints.

Is It Really Broken?

Not all tablets last forever, technically they may “function” for a long time but that doesn’t mean they’re practical forever. Take, for example, a TV from 1985. Will it function? Maybe, but programming standards have changed and the picture is going to be hot garbage.

Let’s put it this way, would you pay even a hundred bucks to fix that old TV? Probably not. The same goes for tablets. After years of use, tablets become less efficient and have more trouble performing. New app updates can slow your old tablet down because the app demands push its computing limits.

Those apps are designed for newer models that have far more power, so the demands are a breeze for those models. That being said, your tablet might not actually be broken, physically—but it might as well be given its limitations.

 A Cracked Screen Might Not Mean You Need A New Tablet

So, you dropped your tablet and the screen cracked. Your gut reaction might be to go and just buy a new tablet. But wait—that might be completely unnecessary! You can get a screen replaced at any reputable shop that does tablet repair in Denver.

The question is whether it’s worth it or not.

Typically, if the tablet is a premium tablet that is less than three years old and costs over $600—repairing the screen is better. It’s going to cost you less than getting a replacement, and your current tablet has a lot of life left in it. You just need a new screen.

Frame Is Bent

Now, if your tablet really took a nasty fall and the body got bent or cracked—that’s serious. In most cases no matter how old or new the tablet is—it’s going to require replacement. If your tablet is older than three years, this might be the excuse you needed to upgrade.

The good news is, even though we do tablet repair in Denver, we also sell factory-quality refurbished tablets. A lot of times people will come in with a really old tablet that’s been bent beyond repair. We can usually get them into something newer that’s refurbished for less than a brand new device.

Is Tablet Repair In Denver The Right Choice For Me?

Honestly, that’s a call only you can make. However, follow the advice Nate gave. Think about what you use the tablet for. How badly it’s damaged, how much replacing it costs vs. repair, and if YOU feel it’s worth replacing.

In the end, we can help you with both tablet replacement and tablet repair in Denver and we’ll give you a free estimate for repairs.

Just bring your broken tablet to one of our two convenient locations or contact us to learn more about your options. Remember, NO FIX, NO FEE!




Is It Worth It To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen?

A: Absolutely! You know any new iPhone or Samsung phone is going to cost you about $1,000. Just fixing the screen can save you hundreds. You know, you’re looking at about a fraction of the price of a new device.

As long as your frame is good, which is the body, most of the time I do recommend it. There are situations where you have extreme frame damage or maybe the device is a bit on the older side.

In those cases, I always recommend my customers to upgrade the device and come here of course for a protective case and screen protector.

Now, the #1 concern when going with a third-party repair option is functionality. “Is my device going to function properly as the day I first bought it?”

The answer is yes. We offer you a lifetime warranty. If you experience any glitching, any kind of issues, dead spots—that should not happen. If it does, there’s something wrong, bring it on in and we’ll take care of that on the spot for you— no problem, no questions asked. As long as there’s no physical damage or you didn’t break it again, of course, we’re going to take care of that for you.

So, you’ve just cracked the screen on your phone and you’ve already invested money in the phone. You’ve bought accessories for it, screen protectors, cases, etc. You’re probably asking yourself if it’s worth it to fix the screen or should you just bite the bullet and buy a new phone. Well, as Nate said, it depends on your circumstances, but let’s break it down.

Replace Or Get Screen Repair In Denver?

Phone screens continue to get bigger and thinner and the glass-infused frame designs create slicker bodies. That means phones have become more artistic in aesthetics, not just functional.

However, that has also resulted in a lot of accidental drops, even with phones that are cased. Phones are so hard to keep a grip on these days, that one of the top-selling accessories for phones are cases.

Yes, you buy this beautifully designed phone with slick lines, impossibly thin bezels, and futuristic glass backing—and then you hide it in a case. With most iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models, the two top-selling phone lines, costing at least a grand, it makes sense.

Less Than Ideal Solutions For A Cracked Screen

If you drop your phone and the screen cracks, you’ve got a decision to make. Do you take your lumps and shell out another grand for a replacement phone?

Or do you do some of these less than ideal methods to deal with your cracked screen? Most of these we don’t recommend. Let’s look at some common alternatives people have resorted to. We’ll touch on a few of the top ones then break down why seeking out screen repair in Denver is your best bet in most cases.

Just Use An Old Phone

So, what some people will do is keep an older phone lying around as a backup. So, if their expensive new phone cracks or breaks they just switch to the backup.

For example, you might have had a Samsung Galaxy S6 in a drawer somewhere and suddenly your new Galaxy S22 takes a nosedive. The screen is completely busted and you can’t do anything on the phone. You don’t have $1,000 to replace the phone with the same model, and you don’t have insurance on it either.

So, you simply do a phone swap with your carrier to your old S6 and keep on truckin’ right?


Granted, this is a good, quick solution when your screen is wrecked beyond operability. However, a lot of people don’t just have an old device lying around. With all the deals for new phones for trading your old device in—it’s rare.

A more realistic solution is to bring it into Fix It Wireless, let us take a look at the phone. We’ll tell you if you can make it brand new with just a new screen, or if you need a new phone. Even if it ends up being the latter, we have plenty of quality refurbished, late-model phones you can replace it with.

Put a Screen Protector on a Cracked Screen

We’ve seen people do this before, mostly due to a “life hack” on TikTok. In this “hack,” they take a phone with a cracked screen and put a tempered glass screen protector on top of it. The theory behind it is that it keeps the screen from getting any more damage while allowing you to still use it.

Before you run out and drop 20 bucks on Amazon for a glass screen protector—for a cracked screen, read our take on this “hack.”


Ok, so let’s get right to the burning question—does this really work? The answer is yes and no.

Yes if it’s just some hairline fractures and there’s no chips or shards of glass missing or loose. If there are pieces missing—this is pointless.

Also, consider the fact that while the screen not only is a functional part of a phone’s design, it’s also a protective component.

The reason they use Gorilla Glass in phones like the Galaxy isn’t just to prevent scratches and shattering. It’s to add another layer of protection for the components inside. Otherwise, they would use much cheaper glass.

So, all in all, a screen protector on a cracked screen doesn’t fix your problem, it just might buy you a bit of time. Sooner than later, you’ll be Googling for screen repair in Denver again.

Better to save that 20 bucks and put it towards getting your screen fixed ASAP.

Replacing The Screen Yourself

These days with the amount of DIY videos on YouTube, you can theoretically fix anything yourself—keyword, theoretically. Just a word to the wise, the repair is always easier on YouTube than it is in real life. But, if you like to take risks you can buy a new OLED display, digitizer, and glass screen for most phones. They aren’t cheap, and if you find one that is—beware, there’s a huge counterfeit market out there. We’ve seen the kits go on the internet for anywhere from $300.00 and up.


The repair rarely goes as smoothly as in the videos. You have to remember, in most cases, you’re watching someone who is a professional, like us. So, of course, it looks like an easy repair, they’ve had a few hundred repairs under their belt to hone their skills.

However, in reality, the first time you crack open your case to perform a screen replacement it is ridiculously difficult. There are many fragile components that you can damage by force, by static electricity, and by dropping it mid-repair or a tool slipping.

We’ve seen it all too often as we get customers that bring in a phone they’ve done more damage to by trying DIY screen repair. What usually ends up happening is they have to spend even more money when they could’ve come here first and been done with it.

Don’t forget that you also void any warranty you have left on your phone the moment you try a DIY screen fix. So you could be out a lot more money than the cost of a screen replacement kit.

Go The Easy Route With The Best Screen Repair In Denver

If you don’t have accidental damage insurance, the reality of most cases involving a cracked screen is—you’re going to be out some money. However, you can cut your losses by bringing your phone to your nearest Fix It Wireless location for an estimate.

We’ll let you know if it’s worth fixing the screen and we’ll give you a reasonable quote. Our technicians are Apple Certified techs and equally qualified to repair any android phone including Samsungs.

Contact us today and let’s bring your phone back to life and remember… NO FIX? NO FEE!